GDLauncher - The Next-Level Custom Minecraft Launcher

GDLauncher is a custom Minecraft launcher with simplicity and power in mind. It allows users to create custom instances (also with forge), download curse modpacks and mods and more!


Here Are Some Of The Best Features

User Friendly

We try to make the UI/UX as easy-to-use as possible so users can enjoy it


As soon as our users need something, we add it :)

CurseForge Support

You can download both Curse modpacks and mods directly from the launcher

Open Source

We love open source, check the source code on our github


The launcher provides custom themes and other customizations

Cross Platform

We support Windows, Linux and Mac!


Easily Manage And Create Instance

You can easily download vanilla or forge instances and add mods to it.


Directly Download CurseForge's Modpacks

From our launcher you can easily download curseforge's modpacks and start to play!


App Screens

Download GDLauncher Now!

Take a breath of fresh air with GDLauncher and bring your Minecraft experience to the next level